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Message from President

It is my greatest honor to be the president of JCI Dragon in 2020, and let me express my gratitude to the immense support from everyone of you.

2019 is the year of transformation, our fellows strived and bring Dragon to the new height. But we will not be settle on what we have; there is no final destination in transformation. “United We Stand, Together We Create”, we are ready to embrace all the challenges and opportunities, and pave the way to the new level of Dragon in 2020.

In our exciting city, you will see most of the great issues that give force to sustainability. JCI Dragon had already come up with some bright ideas on promoting sustainable development, aiming to motivate solid actions by persons and institutes:

BEEA – it is expected to have more exemplary units demonstrate how CSR contribute to company and economy sustainability, also giving out measurement guideline and performance tracking plan to corporates, to further encourage implementation of CSR.

Climate After Tomorrow – the event will continue promoting environmental protection and personal action against climate change with Dr Rebecca Lee, Polar Museum Foundation and Rotary Club of Kowloon Northeast, especially to give further education on local climate situation and solutions.

By carrying out these projects, we are sure to foster a sense of sustainability and collective responsibility, and encourage changes in behavior.

JCI Dragon is a place embracing individuality and leadership. In 2020, we have would like to make it work with young generations:
Dragon Apprentice - we will restructure the program, aiming to search and develop youngster’s passion and talents, diversify and build their interests and skills, broaden their horizons and gain greater work satisfaction and recognition.

Youth Can Code - In coming year, the program will take a leap, by building a rich foundation of critical thinking, problem-solving and design methodology to University students. They will also exchange idea of digital innovations with students from APAC area, such as China, Japan and The Philippines.

We are looking forward these programs helps young people prepare and success in today’s dynamic world.

Beside society, we also breech our best endeavor to the chapter, to invest, develop and grow leaders among JCI Dragon. We are committed to bring out the best in each member of the team, the community and society, and praise self-confidence and positivity. By then, everyone will naturally rise to be a leader.

Year 2020 is also the time to inherit and usher - in the 40th Anniversary of JCI Dragon. It is important to celebrate milestones, and to recognize the journey that we have been on. The 40th Anniversary Banquet is coming, all JCI members including Senators, Past Presidents, Alumnis and partners, will gather and celebrate. Please look forward to the fiesta!

Last but not least, we will further expand the Chapter’s network and cultivate deeper relationship with our sister chapters and partners. Also to continue connecting with like-minded organizations and individuals as well as the world. There will be a lot of events to commemorate the historical moment together and create greater synergy for future collaborations.

“To be good, and to do good, is all we have to do.” Let us all stand together, with courage and commitment, and create our own magnificent world in JCI Dragon.

2020 JCI Dragon Presidnet
Ross Chan

JCI Hong Kong
National Vice President & National Assigned Executive Officer
Jackel Ho

Message from NAEO Jackel Ho

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” said Mattie J.T. Stepanek (American poet). This is exactly the same belief of President Ross. I believe JCI Dragon will do a good show and let members shine on stage in 2020 under President Ross’s leadership with slogan “United We Stand Together We Create” through impactful projects including “The 40th Anniversary”, “Youths Can Code”, “Climate Change After Tomorrow”, “Best Employee and Employer Award 2020”, “Dragon Appretice” and “Dragon Volunteer”.

On behalf of JCI Hong Kong, I would like to express our gratitude to JCI Dragon. He has been doing well in the last 39 years. JCI Dragon continues to provide a great platform for members to empower them to be leaders and create positive change.

Going forward, I wish JCI Dragon every success and a bright horizon ahead.

2019 JCI Hong Kong National Vice President & National Assigned Executive Officer
Jackel Ho


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Ron Cheung

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